Safety Cheat Sheet

Hello all! I was browsing Pinterest today, and I came across this handy dandy guide. I thought I would share. A great guide and “cheat sheet” for handling essential oils. Definitely something to print off and keep handy if you use essential oils a lot!

The image is too large to post here, but here are the links:

Essential Oil Safety Cheat Sheet






Essential Oils & Pets

Hello all! Today I want to discuss something that has been on my mind for a while: using essential oils on pets.

I am a big fan of Pinterest, but the danger of it is that there are thousands of posts linking to bloggers who are not certified aromatherapists or professionals or scientists or health care professionals telling you how to use essential oils. And I realize the irony in that statement because here I am, an unqualified blogger, telling you what to do with essential oils. BUT, if you’ll notice, I’ve never once told you to do something crazy with them such as INGEST them, put them all over your kids, and all over your pets.

Here’s my thing: there is not enough peer reviewed, scientific research right now on essential oils to back up claims that some essential oils are safe to use on your pets. In fact, there are some oils you should NEVER use on your pets.

I’m mainly just here to remind everyone to be extremely cautious when it comes to using essential oils. I have read posts about putting tea tree oil on your pets to prevent fleas and such. And quite honestly, I know those scary chemical names on the box of flea meds is frightening, but chemicals are not always a bad thing. Yes, they are unsafe to ingest and put on your own skin, but they work. And it’s more harmful for your pets to NOT use flea/tick medications. I trust my vet, and there is nothing wrong with using decent brands of flea meds (always opt for the more expensive option; the cheaper ones use cheaper chemicals and can irritate your pet’s skin).

I love my cat as if she were my own child, and I am not going to rub oils into her skin that I can’t be certain are safe–especially since cats (and dogs for that matter) have a tendency to, you know, lick themselves, so there is that possibility of ingestion there. I just think it’s amazing how a) people throw information out there without researching it and b) how people will read this information and use it without researching it.

Yes, essential oils are “all natural,” but that does not necessarily mean it’s safe. Plenty of harmful things are found in nature. Obviously, I am a big fan of essential oils (why else would I have this blog?), but you still have to be cautious. NEVER use undiluted oils on your skin, and for the sake of my sanity, please don’t use them PERIOD on your pets!

Thanks for listening to me rant for a while. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, so hopefully this wasn’t offensive. Just please be careful, and always err on the side of caution!