Recipe: Hand Sanitizer

I have to confess that though I love being able to use all natural and simple ingredients, I am not exactly scared off by chemicals or against them. That being said, I have found a wonderful hand sanitizer recipe that I love and it has very simple ingredients. I made this one mostly on my own, but I used ideas from a few different recipes I found. I hope you like it!

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Diffuser Cleaning Spray

If you own an essential oil diffuser, you probably are aware of the importance of cleaning it frequently. Taking care of your diffuser is critical for its performance.

Here is just a quick tip before I go into the recipe: Make sure you at the very least wipe out the water chamber after each use with a soft, damp (not soaking wet) cloth. The spray I am about to discuss is a good in between uses spray. This is not a “deep clean” spray. I have a post on how to deep clean your diffuser that can be found here.

I made this spray myself with no real external sources aside from just looking up what to use to clean a diffuser when I first got mine a while ago. I hope you enjoy!

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Sleep Body/Linen Spray

I’m all about sleep on this blog because it’s something that is very important to me since I struggle so much with it. I’ve posted a couple of times already on it. If you’d like to check out my nighttime routine, you can find that here. If you would like to check out diffuser blends for sleep, I’ve posted about that here.

Now, a very important part of my nighttime routine is this spray. I like to run the diffuser as well (not necessarily with all of these scents), but the linen/body spray just helps relax me as I finish my routine. You can adjust this to your preferences (for example, some people hate the scent of Patchouli, but I find it very relaxing it and it’s my go-to sleep scent, but if you don’t like Patchouli and find another scent relaxing for sleep, go for it!). When it comes to recipe like this, nothing is set in stone. You have to find what portions and what scents work for you, but, I am always happy to discuss and share about what works for me to help give you ideas. 🙂

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Favorite Roller Ball Blends! (Part 1)

Roller ball blends are an extremely popular way to apply essential oils topically. Lately, I’ve been more into making these over other things with essential oils (aside from my diffuser, of course). I’ve been playing around with different blends I’ve found online and tweaking them to suit my preferences and needs. So, here is a list of my favorites! I’m calling this Part 1 because once I find/create other ones, I want to add to the list, so look out for Part 2 in the future!

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Stinky Feet Spray

I never had a foot odor problem in my life…until I started working 12 hour shifts. And let me tell you, no matter how much powder you put on your feet and into your shoes, that is some serious funk after 12 hours. So, I scoured Pinterest for the most reasonable sounding solution. I came across a post that led me to the best solution for stinky feet (as I write this, I cannot for the life of me find the post on Pinterest that led to the blog post…If I find it, I’ll add the original in here) and the best part? It’s super simple!

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Bye Bye Spiders!

I live in the mountains. And because I live in the mountains, all critters seem to be bigger, spiders included. I don’t have a particular disdain for those 8-legged critters, but I don’t want them in my apartment either. I have a cat, but she’s extremely lazy and is not exactly all about keeping her home pest free. With the winter months coming, and the nights getting chillier, the chances of spiders creeping into my home through the cracks under my doors and windows is steadily increasing.

So, I created a blend based off of various recipes I have found on the web. I basically took the common ingredients among the recipes I found and created something that I believe helps.

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