I am a young recent college graduate nurturing a new hobby…a new hobby that has controversies everywhere.

I have been on Pinterest and followed blogs for quite some time. Most of the posts I see are from middle aged stay at home moms who, quite frankly, have barely researched essential oils before applying them all over themselves, their children, their pets, AND INGESTING THEM. YIKES! I just find many of their DIY essential oil recipes to be…questionable.

I don’t believe that essential oils are some magical being that can cure all of your physical and mental ailments; HOWEVER, I do believe they can HELP (not cure). Things like depression, insomnia, chronic illnesses, etc. cannot be cured through essential oils, but they can provide temporary relief.

So, my goal here is to sift through all of the bad and post the good based off of my own experimenting and RESEARCH on how to use certain oils (e.g, please don’t ingest essential oils…it’s not the same thing as adding a drop of lemon juice to your water. Lemon juice and lemon essential oil– NOT THE SAME THING and shouldn’t be treated as such). Some things will be original; others will be reposted from other places (sources will always be given!). I work and make, well, not enough money for what I do (but who does?), so I also want to be able to find things that are not only trustworthy, but affordable!

I give you a link, you can trust that I genuinely like that product. If for some reason a link is an affiliate link, it will be made known to you very clearly (and it will NEVER cost you extra for using that link). But I do not and will not use affiliate links with ANY product that I do not like or trust.

I hope this can be a place for me to share my thoughts, recipes, and found posts. WELCOME!



PSSSTTT, guess what? I have another blog that’s all about tea! Check it out!


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