Recipe: Hand Sanitizer

I have to confess that though I love being able to use all natural and simple ingredients, I am not exactly scared off by chemicals or against them. That being said, I have found a wonderful hand sanitizer recipe that I love and it has very simple ingredients. I made this one mostly on my own, but I used ideas from a few different recipes I found. I hope you like it!


  • A squeeze bottle. I would recommend at least 2 oz.
  • Aloe vera gel. Depending on the size of your bottle. I used for 2 oz about 2 tablespoons of aloe vera.
  • Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel of vodka. About a tablespoon for 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel.
  • Vit E oil or fractionated coconut oil. About a teaspoon. Most recipes i found recommended Vit E oil as it acts as a preservative. I did not have Vit E oil on hand when I made this so I used coconut oil. It shortens the shelf life to not use the recommended oil, but I think the coconut oil added an extra moisturizing element to this recipe.
  • About 10 drops of Thieves/Protect/Shield blend (whatever variation you have on this blend)
  • 8 drops Tea Tree
  • 10 drops Lavender (or another skin friendly essential oil that you like)


  • Combine ingredients into a small bowl and mix together well. My mixture ended up looking like it was radioactive since I only had green aloe vera gel on hand.
  • Carefully scoop or pour through a funnel if you have one that could be effective for this, into your squeeze bottle.
  • Use as often as needed. I’d recommend giving it a light shake before each use.
  • If you did not use Vit E oil on hand, the shelf life of this will be roughly 6 weeks as long as it is stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this recipe! See you guys next time!


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