Diffuser Cleaning Spray

If you own an essential oil diffuser, you probably are aware of the importance of cleaning it frequently. Taking care of your diffuser is critical for its performance.

Here is just a quick tip before I go into the recipe: Make sure you at the very least wipe out the water chamber after each use with a soft, damp (not soaking wet) cloth. The spray I am about to discuss is a good in between uses spray. This is not a “deep clean” spray. I have a post on how to deep clean your diffuser that can be found here.

I made this spray myself with no real external sources aside from just looking up what to use to clean a diffuser when I first got mine a while ago. I hope you enjoy!

What You’ll Need: 

  • 4 oz spray bottle
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Water (preferably filtered especially if you have hard water, doesn’t have to be distilled unless you just have that on hand)
  • A dash of coconut carrier oil

How to Make:

  • Fill the bottle up about 1/4 of the way with vinegar.
  • Add about a tsp of fractionated coconut carrier oil (I find that the addition of the carrier oil helps with being able to wipe up oil residue, particularly with thicker essential oils).
  • Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water.
  • Shake gently.

How to Use: 

  • I use mine after every use of my diffuser.
  • Shake gently before use.
  • Make sure the diffuser is completely off (I unplug mine just to make sure I don’t accidentally turn it on or something).
  • Spray liberally on the inside of the chamber and let it sit for a few seconds. You can also use this on the inner part of the lid. You may need to use a q-tip to get into the nooks and crannies, though.
  • Wipe up with a damp cloth then a dry cloth.

And that’s it! Pretty quick and easy. I hope you find it useful!


PS: Sorry for being MIA for so long…I suck at blogging, but I hope you’ll forgive me. 🙂


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