Recipe: Hand Sanitizer

I have to confess that though I love being able to use all natural and simple ingredients, I am not exactly scared off by chemicals or against them. That being said, I have found a wonderful hand sanitizer recipe that I love and it has very simple ingredients. I made this one mostly on my own, but I used ideas from a few different recipes I found. I hope you like it!

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Deep Cleaning Your Diffuser

Hello all, last time I posted about my every day diffuser spray to do spot cleans between uses (you can find that here). Today, I want to let you all know how I deep clean my diffuser. I try to do this once a week, but realistically, it happens twice a month ( I still ALWAYS use my spray though). This cleaning method not only cleans the water chamber, but it also cleans inside the lid an all those nooks and crannies that hard to get every day.

  • All you need is filtered/distilled water and distilled white vinegar.
  • Fill the chamber up about 1/4+1/8 of the way (so just under halfway) with vinegar.
  • Fill the rest up with your water.
  • Run the diffuser for as long as you can stand the smell of the vinegar. It will be unpleasant, but it does a good job. You don’t need to run it until the chamber is empty. I would recommend at least 10 minutes, but I usually do about 30 minutes.
  • When finished, dump the remaining solution out.
  • I like to wipe out the chamber with a soft cloth after this step.
  • Fill up with just water.
  • Run for at least 10 minutes to “rinse.” You can run it until the chamber is empty if you choose to since it’s just water. It’s really up to you.
  • After this, I like to let my diffuser just air dry for a few hours after this. Once dry, it’s ready to use again and should be free of any oily residue or leftover scents.

I hope this helps you out. Vinegar is a really great do-it-all product when it comes to dealing with essential oils.

Hope you all had a decent Monday and are ready to have a terrific Tuesday full of essential oils. 🙂

Diffuser Cleaning Spray

If you own an essential oil diffuser, you probably are aware of the importance of cleaning it frequently. Taking care of your diffuser is critical for its performance.

Here is just a quick tip before I go into the recipe: Make sure you at the very least wipe out the water chamber after each use with a soft, damp (not soaking wet) cloth. The spray I am about to discuss is a good in between uses spray. This is not a “deep clean” spray. I have a post on how to deep clean your diffuser that can be found here.

I made this spray myself with no real external sources aside from just looking up what to use to clean a diffuser when I first got mine a while ago. I hope you enjoy!

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