Nighttime Routine

Alright, so it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted, but I’m back now! First off, I want to wish everyone a very happy (yet belated) New Year! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start!

As my first post for the new year, I thought I would start off with something a tad bit different. While I am still going to incorporate essential oils into this post, it’s not mainly about essential oils. Hopefully that’s okay!

I have mentioned previously that I am an insomniac have been for the greater portion of my life. It can be frustrating as hell, and those of you that suffer with insomnia can surely relate.

While taking melatonin supplements has helped me a lot to get to sleep and stay asleep, I have also found that there is something that helps in addition: having an established nighttime routine that you don’t stray from much. There is plenty of research out there that can confirm that having a routine helps, and much of my routine goes along with other articles I’ve read about how to go about a routine. It’s important to have a routine because it’s gets your mind in “bedtime” mode.


So, here is what I do:

  1. The number 1 thing I do is turn off the TV/computer and have minimal time on my phone up to an hour before I go to bed. For some people, the lights from screens don’t interfere with their sleep clock, but for me, it does.
  2. I brush my teeth about 30 min before bed (the minty flavor makes me feel more awake so I try to do it a bit before actually laying down).
  3. This one will seem out of place, but trust me, it’s important: I take care of ALL of my cat’s needs– food bowl full, water changed, litter box clean. I also will wake her up if she’s asleep and play with her until she’s tired. This is probably the most important part of my routine, and if you are a cat owner, you will understand why. If you’ve never owned cats, just trust me on this one. You want to make sure it’s all taken care of or you will be woken up 50 times in the night by a bored/hungry/thirsty cat.
  4. Make a cup of herbal tea & take a 3mg melatonin. I am huge on tea, and I’ve thought about blogging more about that on here as well in addition to my main focus being essential oils.
  5. Spray myself and my pillow down with my sleepy time spray (you can find my personal recipe here).
  6. Run a sleep blend of essential oils in my diffuser (I’ve made a post about this here).
  7. Play some calming, meditative music (I have many playlists/artists that I go to. I may make a post about this later, but generally go for instrumental music. You can find playlists for sleep all over YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc.). I make sure that when I do this, there is some kind of sleep timer or definite end to the playlist. Even calming music when rouse me in the middle of the night once I’m actually asleep.
  8. At this point, my routine is basically done. From here, I just make sure the room is the right temp, get comfortable in bed, read, journal, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are an insomniac is cutting out caffeine as much as possible. Depending on your tolerance level or sensitivity to it, you should figure out a time of day that is best to stop drinking caffeine all together. For me, it’s about 5pm (I go to bed around midnight).

Hope you found this interesting and/or helpful!

Do you have any set routines you have to do to go to bed? Let me know in the comments! Happy sleeping!


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