My Preferred Essential Oil Brand

There are many options out there when it comes to essential oils. I haven’t tried all of them. In fact, I’ve only tried 1. That probably comes from the fact that when I find something I like, I don’t like to branch outside of it. I have trust issues with these things, so I like to stick with what I know.

Keep in mind that I am not a professional, and I can only tell you what I currently know based off what I have read. Also keep in mind that I am not affiliated with this company in any shape or form. I am not being paid to promote them.

Alright, so who is it?

Fabulous Frannie, of course!

Therapeutic grade oils at a reasonable price and super fast shipping. I know that there are controversies over companies such as Young Living because, to be quite frank, they are extremely overpriced. I also have a hard time trusting a company when literally everyone I meet has their nose buried so far up YL’s butt that it’s hard to figure out if the company is worth it. Not to mention it’s a pain to even make a purchase from them. This is not to suggest that YL’s oils are not quality; I am absolutely certain that they are good oils. I just don’t believe that they are better than other smaller companies out there.

I discovered Fabulous Frannie on Amazon a few weeks ago when I was browsing for a starter kit. There were so many options to choose from, and they were all highly reviewed. I took a chance on FF. And let me just say, that I am IN LOVE. The oils all smell exactly as I would expect, and they are reasonably priced. Ever since then, I have ordered from them directly from their website instead of through Amazon. I don’t get my free Prime shipping that way, but I have more of a selection, and I can use their discount codes. They are a smaller company, and they have a limited selection of oils. However, they are constantly adding new stuff. They have all of the basics you could possibly want, plus a little extra for those obscure oils you may use once or twice in your lifetime. Plus, they have a bunch of other stuff, too! They just recently launched a line for men that has sprays, soaps, etc. They also sell candles, soaps, spa kits, roll ons, sprays, carrier oils, etc. Lots of variety, lots of options! Can’t go wrong there.

I know that there are other companies similar out there that are probably just as good, but I trust FF to provide quality products. When it comes to essential oils, you don’t want to compromise quality. Just always make sure you do your research before you purchase! Read reviews, gain some knowledge on the company, and make sure you know what kind of things to look for when purchasing essential oils!

There you have it, folks! I will provide [unaffiliated] links at the end of the post for the 2 starter kits I have from FF. I have other stuff from them as well, but the starter kits are a good place to, well, start!

Basics Starter Kit

Blends Starter Kit

What oils have you tried that you’ve liked? Let me know!


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